Congratulations, Class of 2022!

The College of Education and Human Development, founded in 1919, supports Temple University as a national center for excellence in both teaching and research. It is the largest school of education in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and is one of the largest in the country. Our mission is to empower students and their communities through education, which we view as a primary tool for social mobility and social justice for all learners. Our graduates are driven, innovative thinkers whose future as exemplary administrators and educators in math, science, special education and more is full of possibilities. By continuing to pursue this mission our graduates join an extensive group of alumni who serve our surrounding neighborhoods, the city of Philadelphia, and schools and school districts throughout the nation.


Class of 2022 Graduates

*** summa cum laude
** magna cum laude
* cum laude
+ distinction in major
++ distinction in double major

‡ posthumous

PLEASE NOTE: As final action cannot always be taken by the time this program is published, lists of candidates and awards are only tentative. The student’s transcript is the official record of the university.

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