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The College of Engineering, established in 1969, guides students to apply scientific principles to the world’s most pervasive challenges. Students have access to more than 20 labs and institutes as well as cutting-edge equipment like 3D printing, circuitry, drone stations, motion capture, robotics and soldering. Our students engage with faculty in interdisciplinary research within the engineering disciplines and in collaboration with Temple’s dental, medical, pharmacy and podiatry schools. As they go out into the world, pursuing careers in aviation, construction, telecommunications, transportation and more, our graduates are empowered to be creative and resilient in their fields, and to develop innovative solutions for a better world.

Student Spotlight

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Picture of Michael Sydnes '21

Michael Sydnes '21

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Student speaker Michael Sydnes, an electrical and computer engineering major from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, counts three older siblings as Temple alumni. As Michael wraps up his team's senior design project—launching a high-altitude balloon that will travel 100,000-120,000 feet, measuring carbon dioxide content as it ascends, and recording 360-degree video in 4K of the entire flight—he is also measuring his next move.

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Class of 2021 Graduates

*** summa cum laude
** magna cum laude
* cum laude

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