From your Fellow Owls

Members of the Temple community are excited to share some well wishes and advice for your future.

Type the last name of a family or friend who submitted a congratulatory message.
  • Congratulations Marwa and the entire class of 2021! Wish you all the best in your next steps in your journeys as dentists! Love you Marmoorah! Hamoudi
    Mouhamed Husseini
  • Congratulations Zee. Your dedication and discipline is outstanding and this amazing achievement reflects that. We are so very proud of you and can't wait to see your further accomplishments. Ann & Terry
    Ann & Terry  Deugo
  • Finally, congratulations!!
    Maheeja  Pakki
  • Proud and inspired!!
    Maheeja  Pakki
  • Congratulations Willie!! We are so proud of all you have done. Love you, Mom, Dad, Stephen, Peter and Whiskey!!
    Gretchen Svitko
  • Congratulations Vamsi and Ratna!! So very proud of you both!
    Preeti Vemula
  • I am so happy for all the graduates of class 2021 congratulations to you all.
    Danielle Williams
  • Shane - smart, humble, kind, carings, driven, energetic and passionate about actions that will improve people’s lives. Many congratulations!
    Bilal  Said
  • congratulations to Amando Franco Dominic and class 2021. Warmest wishes in your future endevors!, God's blessings on each and every one of you!
    MARIA hony and abuela
  • Congratulations to my brother, Louis T. Gentilucci III, we are all so proud of your hard work and commitment. I know you will go on to do great things, and I cannot wait to be there with you when you do them. Best of luck. -Rob
    Robert Gentilucci
  • Congratulations to Class of 2021 and a special congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend Elaina YOU DID IT!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you and everything you have accomplished and everything u will accomplish I love you- Mr. Bubbles
    Julio Lopez