Temple University is committed to providing a celebratory experience for our students and their friends and families that recognizes their achievements and allows everyone to enjoy the ceremony.

Commencement is also a formal academic event conducted in accordance with university policies and with a respectful atmosphere throughout the ceremony. To ensure that Commencement is a positive and uplifting experience for students and their guests, we encourage everyone to review and adhere to the following reminders.

Responses to frequently asked questions about the Commencement ceremony and school and college ceremonies are included below.

If you have questions about Commencement, please send an email to commencement@temple.edu.


  • Only graduates and university leadership are permitted in the graduate seating area.
  • During the ceremony, please remain in your seats and refrain from blocking aisles and walkways, including the area directly in front of the stage.
  • Students and guests are encouraged to express their excitement in ways that will not disrupt or prevent others from hearing speakers and enjoying the ceremony.
  • Cell phones should be turned off or operated in silent mode during the ceremony.
  • At the school and college ceremonies, out of respect for fellow graduates and their families, we ask that students return to their seats after crossing the stage until the conclusion of the ceremony. 
  • All graduates should plan to meet their guests outside the venue after the ceremony. Guests are not allowed on the arena floor and will be asked to exit to meet your graduate so we can prepare for the next ceremony.

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